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Our story

Professor Jan Adriaanse (1972) and Michiel van Dijk MSc. (1964) are the founders of Turnaround PowerHouse®. They are known for being forward moving nonconformists in the international field of corporate renewal and turnaround leadership.

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As researchers they are both affiliated to Leiden University in the Netherlands. Based in the Dutch city of Leiden this university was founded in 1575. Albert Einstein was a visiting professor back in his days and film director Paul Verhoeven (Robocop, Basic Instinct) as well as Rembrandt van Rijn are among its famous students.

Jan and Michiel are largely driven by curiosity and the perhaps naive thought that it is possible to beat business failure, worldwide. They love to work with eager entrepreneurs, managers, students and professors. They spend lots of time visiting companies, universities, banks and nonprofts around the globe to teach and to become inspired. 


Turnaround PowerHouse® works with a dynamic international team of highly specialized researchers, trainers and consultants. Together we live and breathe our company's vision: exciting change is yours.


The Global Think Tank for Corporate Renewal and Turnaround Leadership