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Turnaround Powerhouse


What we do


Business Leaders

We help management teams faced with immediate or future turnaround challenges. We train them in their turnaround leadership. With exciting tailor-made programs we quickly develop new skills and help create turnaround solutions to be implemented right away.

Turnaround Practitioners

We offer tailor-made training programs for practitioners confronted with turnaround-related challenges in their daily practice. We have recently worked with insolvency office holders, bankruptcy judges and lawyers, SME accountants, turnaround consultants, private equity managers, interim managers and chief restructuring officers (CRO's).

Restructuring Bankers

We have vast experience in training restructuring ('intensive care') bankers around the globe. We use state-of-the-art teaching techniques including turnaround simulation-gaming to help bankers gain better understanding of corporate decline complexity, succesful turnaround strategies, as well as negotiating and decision-making in a turnaround context.







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