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Adventures and ideas

We are very fortunate to travel around the world for our clients. In this section we regularly post impressions of our latest adventures. We also share ideas on turnaround topics as well as other stuff we think you might be interested in.

About turnaround games, books and PSV...

The past couple of months felt for all of us at TPH as being F1-drivers. Full speed ahead.

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Turnaround Power in Suriname

Recently we were invited to host a Masterclass in Turnaround Management at the Anton de Kom University in Paramaribo, Suriname. A great honour and pleasure for us.


 suriname college mvd.jpg

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Turnaround Power in the hairdressing industry

Turnaround PowerHouse® was recently invited to host two workshops at the “Mirror. The Hair Convention” in Amsterdam. The content of our workshops was turnaround management in the hairdressing industry. By doing the workshops, and with that meeting lots of extravagant nice entrepreneurs, we are now quite excited about turnaround possibilities within this industry.


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The Swiss watch industry is bankrupt

At Baselworld 2014 – the world’s biggest and important event for the international watch industry – no smart watch can be found. An early warning sign of the industry’s existential crisis.


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Dutch Prime Minister opens new Turnaround PowerHouse office

We are proud to announce that today his excellency Prime Minister Mark Rutte of The Netherlands has officially opened our new headoffice in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

mark rutte

Prime Minister Mark Rutte and professor Jan Adriaanse shaking hands.

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Kodak Emerges from Bankruptcy. Long Live George Eastman

Last Tuesday it was announced that Kodak has emerged from reorganization procedure Chapter 11. Kodak no longer is bankrupt and is ready for the future. What happened in the early days of Kodak? A brief historic account and 11 entrepreneurship lessons.


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Official Turnaround PowerHouse® Company Sneaker

What a great world we live in. A world of branding, technology and customer intimacy. Combined with operational excellence and some turnaround power. We love heritage. We love our very own Turnaround Power® Sneaker Design. Powered by Converse®. Just for the summer. Just for fun.


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Turnaround Power in Britannia

Recently we had the pleasure to work with the European management of an iconic American fashion brand. Place to be: the vibrant City of London.

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Turnaround Power at the Leiden Law School

By expressing his inaugural lecture on 23 November 2012 prof. dr. Jan Adriaanse is officially accepting his appointment as professor of Turnaround Management at the Leiden Law School of Leiden University.

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Bankruptcy law: a bonus for lack of entrepreneurship in the airline industry

A frightening article about the near death of airline companies in an edition of the Dutch financial newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad caught my attention some time ago. “Airline industry ready for moratorium” says the headline. Scary news indeed.

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Turnaround Power in Lisbon: a new Age of Discovery for Portuguese Printers

On behalf of Apigraf - the Associação Portuguesa das Indústrias Gráficas de Comunicação Visual e Transformadoras do Papel – we were recently invited to work with a group of about sixty business owners and managers representing Portuguese printer companies. Central theme was the necessary restructuring of the European print industry in general, and more specific the implications and turnaround challenges for printer companies in Portugal. A fascinating and interesting job. We were more than happy to carry it out.

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To Play a Trump Casino Workout Game in South Africa

Recently we were invited by the Development Bank of Southern Africa to host a session during the annual international Special Operations Seminar (SOS) this year taking place in the great city of Johannesburg. An exciting event bringing together more than fifty turnaround and workout specialists affiliated to top-level development banks from around the globe with participants flying in from Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia.

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Accounting firms in turbulent times: looking for blue oceans in Luxembourg

Recently we were invited by the International Association of Independent Accounting Firms (INAA) to host a workshop at their so-called 2012 Intermediate Meeting taking place in beautiful Luxembourg.

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Turnaround Power in Paradise: over 40% of Curaçao Businesses in Crisis

A sign at the airport says: Boni Bini! Welcome to Curaçao. An island full of surprises! For a tourist this sounds promising, for a turnaround professional this may mean something completely different.

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Back to the Future: The General Motors Restructuring Case

November 7th, 2008, 11:00am EST

Just before the trading of General Motors stocks halts, in anticipation of a major announcement concerning the company's financial situation, you and your team walk into GM Detroit’s headquarters for a meeting with Rick Wagoner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of General Motors. On the agenda is a restructuring that should take place in the following months. Your specialized turnaround boutique is asked to quickly draw a plan which should serve as the basis for stakeholder negotiations in the next following weeks. Due to time constraints company data available is limited. At the end of the afternoon a preliminary advice is already necessary as major stakeholders will be on the phone soon. Time for a cup of coffee...


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Falling From The Throne: Music Retailers versus Jay-Z & Kanye West

Saturday morning 11.25 am. Nespresso Finezzo Lungo. Adidas jogging bottom. A warm croissant. And Billboard.biz on the screen. While listening to my favourite Compton artist named The Game (who is blasting a phenomenal song called "My Life" through my Soundsticks speakers via Spotify.com) I am looking for new artists and inspiration. Actually reading some interesting news about the music industry.

I like the music industry. I do not understand the music industry.


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The print industry is dead

The location could not have been better chosen. France. The beautiful city of Lyon. Divided by the Rhône and Saône River. A large history of art, gastronomy, science, manufacturing and trading. And although well-known for its traditional silk weaving and print industry, nowadays Lyon is a major centre of banking, biotech and software industries. The latter largely focusing on video games and related innovations.

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Saab and the hunt for stakeholder confidence

Research and practice show that rescue operations often fail due to lack of stakeholder confidence. It turns out that rebuilding relationships with important stakeholders often is ignored or the process of regaining trust was simply not properly addressed. What about Saab?

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